Casual Atmosphere. Serious Faith. No Weird Stuff.

First and foremost, EastLake Church is people helping people find and follow Jesus Christ. Sure, there are lots of ways to describe what a church is like, but we figure that it’s pretty important that we tell you up front that He is what we’re all about. So if you’ve got questions about Jesus, we’d like to think that we’re a good place for you to find some answers. And if you’ve already decided to follow Jesus and are looking for a place to get plugged into ministry and connect with other people in a meaningful way, we believe that EastLake Church is a good place for you to take your next right steps in faith.

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The God I Wish We Knew

If you ask ten people what God is all about, you’re likely to get ten different answers. Some people think he’s just some remote absentee landlord who’s disinterested in our daily lives. Others are convinced he’s an angry judge sitting up in the sky, just waiting for us to mess up. But what if we’ve got it wrong? Maybe if we could figure out who God really is and understand his character better, we’d find that there’s an impact on our lives far beyond what we could imagine. Join us for our series, “The God I Wish We Knew,” where we pull back the curtain and separate the truth from the misconceptions.

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Ralph & Cindy Rodriguez

Technically, a bird could use only it’s legs and walk everywhere it needs to go for its entire life. But what a waste that would

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