Casual Atmosphere. Serious Faith. No Weird Stuff.

Casual Atmosphere. Serious Faith. No Perfect People Allowed.

First and foremost, EastLake Church is people helping people find and follow Jesus Christ. Sure, there are lots of ways to describe what a church is like, but we figure that it’s pretty important that we tell you up front that He is what we’re all about. So if you’ve got questions about Jesus, we’d like to think that we’re a good place for you to find some answers. And if you’ve already decided to follow Jesus and are looking for a place to get plugged into ministry and connect with other people in a meaningful way, we believe that EastLake Church is a good place for you to take your next right steps in faith.

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The impact of the resurrection of Jesus continues to be felt 2,000 years later. The spiritual aftershock cannot be measured on the Richter scale and yet a lot of Christians live in fear as if that same power isn’t readily available to them today. We follow a man who fed thousands of people with nothing but a sack lunch. We follow a man who defied gravity and walked on the surface of a lake. That same man has taken up residence in us and wants to demonstrate his power through us. In this series, we’re going to look at a few of the most powerful moments in the life of Jesus and learn what is possible for our lives when we put our trust in him.

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Donavan Philby

Donavan Philby never knew his father. His dad walked out of Donavan’s life before he was born and left a gaping hole that left him

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