Today's eDevotional

The Anchor

Read:This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls. It leads us through the curtain into God’s inner sanctuary.” Hebrews 6:19 (NLT)

Reflect: When all hell broke loose in my life this summer, I immediately wanted to react and control anything in my reach, avoid feelings and hide. My reality became scenes from a movie and it all felt surreal. I experienced the loss of loved ones, family members whom I love dearly. This loss is unique because, though I have grieved the loss of their existence in my life, it wasn’t due to death, but to substance abuse and other unhealthy behavior. It was hard to see any hope in the situation at the beginning. Life itself felt like too many broken pieces to put together, deep wounds too big to heal and circumstances too chaotic to make straight.

The beautiful part about this story is that these things might be overwhelming for me, but they aren’t too big for God; the end of myself is where God begins. There is hope in Jesus; he is our anchor in the storm. I wish I could tell you the storm has passed, and I’ve seen the light on the other side, but I’m still in the thick of it all. I can tell you I know the peace that surpasses understanding.

What has changed is that I have chosen to put my hope in Jesus. He is the only one that can take a full mess of things and make them right. I still feel the pain that comes with the absence of these relationships, but the greater feeling is knowing that God has me in the palm of his hand and works all things out for my good.

React: I write out scripture and put it up where I can see it daily to remind me not to lose hope. I would challenge you to do the same.

Pray: Jesus, I pray that your people can rest in your comfort in the midst of the storms of life, as you are our only hope.