Today's eDevotional

Power Source

Read: “All of us, then, reflect the glory of the Lord with uncovered faces; and that same glory, coming from the Lord, who is the Spirit, transforms us into his likeness in an ever greater degree of glory.” 2 Corinthians 3:18 (GNT)

Reflect: I once spent 30 minutes on the phone with Cox Cable to complain about a faulty cable box in my living room. I tried to explain to them that the box was fried and I needed a new one. They ran a diagnostic test from their office and couldn’t even detect the box I was complaining about. “See!” I told them, “I need a replacement box!” Then they decided, much to my annoyance, to send a technician out to the house to attempt to repair the box. I expressed my dismay and frustration with this plan and then waited for the technician to show up.

He rolled up to the house and walked in. I was ready to quickly declare victory and receive a new cable box. About 20 seconds later he said, “Well, I found the issue.”

Turns out, the cable box WASN’T EVEN PLUGGED IN. I was convinced it was faulty and had died, and that wasn’t even close to the issue. It had no power.

I laugh at this story often and use it as a reminder that I do this to myself. I convince myself that I am faulty when the only issue is that I am not plugged into God. I am depending on myself to solve some problem, overcome some sin, or change some habit about myself and I just can’t do it. So, I get frustrated and annoyed, and start believing that I am broken. Yet, when I lean into God, ask for his help and remember to let the Holy Spirit work in me, I find that help, freedom, and change is possible.

React: Do you get frustrated with your own limitations? Do you remember to stay plugged into the Holy Spirit?

Play: God help us remember to lean on you. Remind us that your Spirit within us produces fruit in our lives.