Avoiding the Meltdown

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(Thermo)nuclear Family

We may not be nuclear scientists (or if you are, congrats to you!) but we can all grasp the idea that when something is “nuclear” it has a ton of energy and power. Used in the right way it can be a tremendous source for good. Used in the wrong way…well, it’s nothing short of a disaster. We’ve all heard about the nuclear family, where there’s a mom, dad, two kids, and the family dog. But many of our families don’t reflect that perfect nuclear dynamic. Instead, our families lean toward being thermonuclear: Ready for an explosion when we hit the button and consistently on the verge of a battle that only assures our mutual destruction. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Instead, we can find ways to reduce the threat of meltdown and bring a quiet, lasting peace. Join us for Thermonuclear Family, our series where we learn how to navigate this high-energy and tension-filled reality in a way that won’t leave us in a frustrating fall out. There’s hope for even the most charged circumstance!

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