There’s no other word to describe what went down across the EastLake Church Network last weekend! Almost 4,000 of us teamed up in over 220 projects totalling 17,711 hours from Venice to Pasadena to Temecula to La Jolla to Chula Vista to Imperial Beach to Tijuana blessing our communities and loving our cities. The stories that have come from this weekend of service have been amazing and you will not want to miss church this weekend as we recap the love that was unleashed upon Chula Vista. Thank you to everyone who weeded, lifted, built, painted, scrubbed, loved, drove, packed, prayed, sacrificed, and served. This community is different this week because of you!

Our project website,, will live on and continue to be a hub for you to find a place to keep serving and staying connected to ongoing projects in Chula Vista. You can use it as a resource for your family or growth group to find ways to keep the momentum going and making a difference.