Why Not Church!

Read: “Let us be concerned for one another, to help one another to show love and to do good.” Hebrews 10:24 (GNT)

Reflect: In my youth, I wanted to be like John Wayne. Just about every boy and young man wanted to be like him. John was a rugged individualist who packed a gun and rode a horse. He was without fear as he fought, and alone stood for truth and good. The girls melted into his arms. He was a real, genuine man. He was authentic.

Time and lessons, however, changed my way of thinking. Like many others, I settled into a more realistic mold for living an authentic life. Schooling, finding work, developing a career, marriage and raising a family all greatly increased my growth and knowledge.

Going to church and participating in the growth of others yielded many more valuable lessons. It was the bits and pieces of individual personalities that formed the church and helped me realize a healthy self-worth. It was the knowledge and wisdom communicated in the messages that fueled the desire and provided the direction for greater achievement and personal authenticity. Because there was a church, I found God and learned to believe in the work of the cross. Because there was a church, I learned about accepting and extending genuine love.

Because there is a church, I have a place to worship God with family and friends. Because there is a church, we can truly enjoy an authentic life.

React: When someone says, “why church?” I say, “why not church!” Spend some time asking God what your unique role is in helping others feel welcome and loved in the church so they can experience the fullness of life.

Pray: Father God, I pray for those who don’t yet know you; the doubters, the naysayers, and those wandering far from you. I pray that in some small way, you will help us show your character and how you love through our lives.