What Are You Doing Here?

Read: “…[A]ll you have to do is ask God for it.” James 1:5 (VOICE)

Reflect: When I was young I was often overwhelmed by the complexities and demands of life, and I asked myself “What am I doing here?” Eventually God whispered about the value of wisdom. He told me that if I would ask expectantly, he would lavish me with the Spirit of wisdom and revelation so that I could know him better, and in the knowing of him, my heart would light up with the hope of living the rich life that is Christ. As his child, I could have what is my rightful inheritance of a life that reflects the wisdom and goodness of God. So I asked, and God has been faithful to provide training for a right way of life through his word and through wise mentors.

I have discovered that his word is a gold mine of endless treasures that, if absorbed and applied, bring the opportunity for a healthy and optimally functional life of self-regulation and relationships. And along the way God has provided me so many mentors whose faith-filled way of life are great models to imitate.

I have found that,”What am I doing here?” is a good reset question to ask at disoriented moments. As I step into his presence I am reminded of his incomparably great resurrection power that transfers me from a state of fear, anger, craving, despair, and shame into a state of his glorious goodness, where I am immersed in, and infused with his reliable love and ways.

React: Having a bad day? Lost your way? What are you doing here? The answer is a half turn away. All you have to do is ask for God for it.

Pray: Lord, give me your Spirit of wisdom and revelation, so I may know you better. I step into your powerful, heavenly presence, bow and with gratitude, follow your light.