The Wait for Wisdom

Read: “But the wisdom from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, open to reason, full of mercy and good fruits, impartial and sincere.”James 3:17 (ESV)

Reflect:Several years ago, my husband and I experienced conflict with family that was extremely hurtful. The toughest part following it all, was the six-month gap of waiting before we experienced resolution. During those six months, we prayed and sought God for wisdom, asking what our part would be to find resolution. Every time I would pray, I only ever heard God say, “Wait.” I remember some days wanting to make a phone call, in hopes that it would all magically be better, but still God would say, “Wait.”

There were times where we communicated, and we were all kind, but things were still unresolved. It wasn’t until we reached the holidays that we were all reunited and, to our surprise, we were approached with an apology. God had been working, softening all of our hearts, preparing us for the moment that we would all be reunited again. Apologies were made, and honest conversations were had, in a way we had been unable to do before. Immediately after this conversation, I remember running upstairs, pulling out my journal and writing, “God you are so good! Thank you for reconciliation. Thank you for showing me that even when I can’t see it, you’re always at work.”

Although it was tough to see what God was doing in the waiting, he was working in a way we could not see. We walked through that season trusting him and listening to his still small voice every time he said, “Wait.” Our relationship with our family is stronger now because God was in it all.

React:If you are in conflict, remember, the resolution is not always in our hands. Seek God for wisdom. Even if you can’t see it, God is working on your behalf.

Pray:God, you are our ultimate advisor. We can do nothing without your wisdom. We bring you the conflict in our lives and trust that you will bring healing and resolution.