It’s Great…Until It Isn’t

Read: “Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” Philippians 1:27 (NIV)

Reflect: I find it quite easy to be a model Christ follower when things are going well. I can be gracious to others when life is going “up and to the right.” I can be patient and live with great perspective when my kids are well-behaved, we are on time, my house is clean and the bills are paid with money to spare. I can be a selfless friend, a fun mom and a wise woman of faith.


When money is tight, my kids are terrors, my husband out of town and nothing is going my way I wouldn’t say it’s easy to conduct myself in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ. Sadly, more often that not my circumstances determine my outlook on life and act as an accurate gauge on my spirituality.

Recognizing this made me come to the realization that I live life out of my own power. When I am fueled up by good circumstances and filled by positive situations, I can make pretty decent choices. But the opposite is true. When my power runs out my attitude nosedives. The truth is, we aren’t meant to live on our own and depend on our own power. We need to learn to lean into God when things are great and when things aren’t great. If our fuel and what fills us comes from him, we won’t be at the mercy of our circumstances, but can truly conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel. What fuels you?

React: How can you being to deepen your dependence on God? What is one reminder you can give yourself to tap into His power to fill you rather than using your own?

Pray: God help us live in a manner that reflects you. Show us where we try and do it on our own and teach us to rely on you. Amen