I Miss Your Sorry A**

Read:  “For when two or three gather together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20 (VOICE)

Reflect: This week I saw a photo of an old friend and his wife on Facebook. I was their pastor about 25 years ago in a church in Texas. I “liked” the photo and he commented, “I have missed seeing your sorry a** my friend. I hope all is well. Give me a call sometime”. I smiled a contented and sentimental smile. That short, but typical, communication got me thinking of all the good times we enjoyed together; the messes and difficulties we saw each other through, the transcendent hours in the word of God and worship and the wisdom we learned from our fellowship in Christ. All of which created the love we still have for each other. I began thinking of the hundreds of relationships my wife and I have enjoyed as part of the Body of Christ as we approach seven decades of participating in the church.

I really like having a window, through social media, into the lives of these many relationships scattered around the country. These relationships are far richer than those I’ve enjoyed with neighbors and co-workers. Because of our union in Christ, our common death, burial, and resurrection in Christ, we were able to be authentic and transparent with each other. We inspired and encouraged each other to greater love and righteous deeds. When we are blessed with face-to-face time, within minutes our Spirit soaked souls are flowing between us as if no physical time had passed at all. That’s because our relationship is formed in kairos, or spiritual time.  When I am face-to-face with another part of the Body of Christ there are three, not two, because Christ is in the middle of and in between each of us, joining us with him.

React: It is important to connect with one another in Christ. Which relationships do you need to nurture so your connection will grow?

Pray: Thank you for being in the middle of us.