God Is Only A Prayer Away

Read: “Come close to God, and God will come close to you.” James 4:8 (NLT)

Reflect: There was a season in my life when prayer was something I only remembered during difficult times. In fact, these prayers were more like desperate pleadings: “God, please help me, give me, heal me, protect me.” When things were going well in my life, I forgot to talk to God.

Then one day a friend of mine explained to me that prayer is meant to be part of our lives, just like talking, eating, sleeping, or breathing. After that conversation, I became intentional about talking to God throughout my day. I continue to learn that prayer is not only how we communicate with our heavenly Father, but it is also a beautiful opportunity to bring my gratitude, needs and concerns before him.

So when I wake up, I give thanks and pray. When I’m stuck in traffic, I pray. When I’m at work, I pray. When I’m out-and-about, I pray. I find myself praying often throughout my day, not because I want to be seen as a spiritual person or out of obligation—many of my prayers consist of only a short sentence or two—but because prayer is an ongoing conversation, an attitude of the heart, and a lifeline I can no longer live without.

React: When was the last time your said a prayer? If it’s been a while, why not give it a try now? You may be surprised what happens when you stop for a minute to open your heart and tell God what’s on your mind. He loves the sound of your voice.

Pray: Father God, help me remember that prayer is an ongoing conversation with you and that you are more interested in my heart than my words.