Get up and go

Read: “Then you will have healing for your body and strength for your bones.” Proverbs 3:8 (NLT)

Reflect: Last year I was hospitalized for 2 weeks. My left leg was in danger of complete infection and possible amputation. I was blessed to have more than 50 visitors come see me to pray, visit, share encouragement, and spend time together. Pastors prayed, singers sang, friends sat and laid hands on my leg and my heart. They prayed for physical healing and emotional healing.

One night while listening to praise music, I asked God to come down upon me, heal my left leg and get me out of bed. Sitting at the beside at 2:00am I felt a circular cool breeze envelop me from head to toe, like my body was in the center of a hand dryer. I pushed my walker aside and stood up on both legs for the first time in weeks. Both legs held my weight for the first time since becoming hospitalized. The left leg that was close to being removed was holding me upright with great strength. I took a few steps, and then a few more. In no time I was pacing back and forth in my room nonstop, thanking God, praising him for getting me out of bed.

The next morning I greeted my wife at the elevator with no walker and we shared a moment of celebration and relief as I told her what happened at 2:00am that morning. The doctors were shocked when they did their rounds hours later because the same guy who almost lost his leg was walking around the 3 rd floor with his wife like nothing ever happened.

Respond: In the middle of trials it can be difficult to see how Jesus will use ailments to be part of our faith story. What do you need to trust the Lord to heal in your life, even if it happens down the road?

Pray: Lord, I trust you even with the things I’m unsure of. Thank you for my healing, whether it happens today or sometime in the future.