Read: “In the past you have encouraged many people; you have strengthened those who were weak.” Job 4:3 (NLT)

Reflect: For many years the cadence of my faith was driven by the thoughts and prayers “Lord, what do you want me to DO?… and while I’m waiting for you to answer, I’ll just keep DOING what I think I need to DO.”  All this do-do in my life turned into a bunch of doo-doo in my life because it eventually all fell apart. And only then did I hear God’s answer: “Stop asking what I need you to DO, and listen for who I’m asking you to BE.” Whoa!

I had probably missed this message hundreds of times before because all the doing drowned out God’s simple yet profound message of who he wanted me to BE. Once my perspective shifted, guidance came from all over the place.  He reminded me that I’ve always been an encourager of others. I was made me to be part of teams who serve purposes greater than us. He’s positioned me to influence the lives of believers by migrating their personal faith lives and business lives closer together. He made me a leader of leaders by reminding them whom we serve enthusiastically.

What I’ve learned is the things I DO can only be purposeful to His plan when I’ve first let him show me who he wants me to BE. By letting God shape who He wants me to BE my encouragement gift has hit a new level of effectiveness. It’s more effective because God has positioned it for His will.

Respond: What role in the kingdom is God asking you to play? Switch your perspective from what God is asking you to DO and move it to who he wants you to BE, then let Him work on that with you.

Pray: Lord who do you need me to BE so that I can carry out your will in the lives of the people you put in front of me, no matter where I am?