Read: “Do not be afraid of them; the Lord your God himself will fight for you.” Deuteronomy 3:22 (NIV)

Reflect: I am waging war. I’ve got weapons, tools, and a strategy. My foe? Gophers. My yard has been invaded by them. The sad thing is that I have already fought this war. I faced a severe gopher problem about a year ago and was finally able to eradicate these vermin from my yard. And every single resource I consulted warned me that they would return and advised me to remain vigilant, because gophers are much easier to get rid of when there is just one.

Unfortunately, I got lazy. I stopped checking for signs. I didn’t routinely monitor my yard. Now here I am again, facing a full-on war against an army.

Ironically, a similar pattern can happen in marriage. We can have “gophers” in our relationship that look like bad habits and negative practices. When we are mindful, we can easily deal with them one by one. But a lack of vigilance and awareness can have destructive results.

Now that my spouse and I are past the exhausting years of babies and toddlers, it’s oddly easier to let our attention to the health of our marriage slip. I think that when the pressure was on and our nerves and brains were shot, we were pressed by circumstance to invest in each other. Now that we have more time and energy, we can easily let other priorities steal our time and attention.

In order to win the battle for the health of my marriage, I need to remain proactive and aware, ready to take action and seek help. Above all, I need to remember that in this battle God fights with us and for us.

React: Take some time to be mindful of how things are going in your relationship. Where do you need to do a reset this week?

Pray: God, thank you that you want our marriages to thrive. Help us to be wise and loving and to keep fighting the good fight.