A Passion to Serve

Read: “…the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…” Matthew  20:28 (NIV)

Reflect: This past weekend we explored the big idea that to serve passionately is one of our primary reasons as to “why church.” Whilst there are many reasons to serve, perhaps the greatest reason that I can offer as to why we serve, is simply because Jesus served. Throughout scripture, we are reminded that Jesus came to serve and to save the lost, not to be served. As His followers, we’ve been called to do the same.

A big part of our mission at Eastlake Church is to help people find and follow Jesus. In part, we accomplish this through serving. I serve through greeting. I love making people feel welcome from the moment they step on our beautiful Chula Vista campus. Likewise, people serve by making sure fresh, hot coffee is available, leading us in our worship experience through music, making sure our kids are safe and cared for and a hosts of other significant ways.

Serving brings purpose to our lives. I’ve discovered that I’m the most fulfilled and content when I’m serving others, and not just my own self-interests. This commitment has helped me to not only grow in Christ but to form healthy relationships within the church as well.

React: As Christ followers, serving is one way that we bear witness to Christ. If you’re not already committed to serving, is there a particular area within our ELC church family where you would consider passionately serving?

Pray: Dear God thank you for being the supreme example of a servant leader. As we continue to grow in you, give us a heart to serve others and our local church family with passion and joy.