Today's eDevotional

The Darkest Hours

Read: “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”  John 16:33 (NIV)

Reflect: My friend’s mother was in the intensive care unit fighting for her life. As the staff prepared the family for the reality that their mother was not likely to survive, she reached out to me. My friend cycled through shock, fear, uncertainty and heartache as each hour passed. In anguished tears she shared, “I am not ready to lose my mom!” My heart ached with her as we confronted the fragility of life. Faith/uncertainty, hope/sadness and love/heartache; these are the opposing realities of our existence and we will never be ready for losing a loved one. Having heartaches means we have the capacity to love deeply. Overwhelming sadness means our souls are instilled with hope for something better. Uncertainty where we once had faith, shows us the choices we can make. Without faith, hope, and love, we may never fully understand the essence of God. Knowing him is knowing that he has already overcome the imperfections of this world through his son and our savior Jesus.

Loss can be devastating. I witnessed God work through his community of followers as my friend walked through one of her darkest hours. Along her journey, she was comforted by a community that served as an extension of Christ’s love. In her sadness, she clung to hope that propelled her forward. When the outcome was not what she hoped for, and she was faced with uncertainty, she relied on her faith that our Father already had restoration and redemption in mind.

React: How we navigate through our darkest hours reveals whether we have chosen to respond in fear based on circumstances, or faith in what Christ has already done. Which will you choose?

Pray: Father, during my seasons of loss, disappointment, uncertainty and heartache, I pray that I am reminded that your greatness and love for us has overcome the world. Give me the endurance to continue doing your work with the faith that you will work through my sorrows to create beauty and restoration. Amen.