Today's eDevotional

I’m Lost!

Read: I will answer your cry for help every time you pray, and you will find and feel my presence even in your time of pressure and trouble. I will be your glorious hero and give you a feast.” Psalm 91:15 (TPT)

Reflect: We moved to San Diego before smartphones and GPS, so I learned my way around a new city with a Thomas Guide. I even needed directions to my house, because I didn’t know the area well enough to find my way home those first few weeks, and I hate getting lost. The worst times were when I wasn’t aware I was off course and suddenly had no idea where I was or how to get where I needed to go. I would call my husband in an angry, frightened panic, and as he would say “hello” I would yell, “I’m lost!” (Not his favorite phone calls.) But rather than reacting to my anger, he would start out by assuring me I was ok, that we were going to figure this out together, and that I was going to make it back to where I needed and wanted to be.

I have a tendency to do the same thing with God. When life takes unexpected turns, I feel lost, like God has allowed me to wander into scary territory. My prayers involve telling God that the way didn’t seem as clear as it should have, that no one warned me the path was changing, that I wasn’t prepared for the rough spots, and that I really liked it when life felt familiar and comfortable. But God responds with love; he calms me by assuring me he’s right there and that I can navigate any situation by staying by his side. 

React: Spend some time talking to God about those areas where you may have gotten off course. Allow him to show you the way to where you need to be.

Pray: Father, thank you for answering every time we call for you. Help us learn to be aware of your presence and guidance as we navigate life.