EastLake Church is a network of churches and locations meeting in Chula Vista, CA, Imperial Beach, CA, Pasadena, CATemecula, CA, Playas de Tijuana, Mexico, Torrey Pines, CA, Venice, CA, Salt Lake City, UT, and online. In 2016, we expanded our campuses to include our newest locations (Temecula & Torrey Pines) and are looking to launch additional campuses in the greater San Diego region and beyond.

Other Ways to Connect

We have a variety of ways to be connected to the EastLake Church network and a straightforward process to make it happen. Here are the ways to get plugged in:

Regional Groups

Regional groups are small gatherings of people who live in a specific area to connect in friendship and grow in their faith while staying connected to EastLake Church by using available resources such as our online campus, growth group resources, and group discussion guides. Essentially, it’s a local extension of EastLake Church to a small – or large – group of people, wherever you are.


An EastLake Church location is generally launched by a leader (we refer to them as church campus pastors) looking to start a new church in a specific community in an effort to reach unchurched people. In this setting, the leader partners with EastLake Church in order to share in resourcing and responsibility.


Our partners include churches and ministries that retain their autonomy and independence but maintain an affiliation with EastLake Church in order to share resources, ideas, best practices, mentoring, and coaching.

Want to find out more about how this all works? Click on these links to download PDF documents that provide more information. If you’ve got questions, drop us a line at info@eastlakechurch.com.

Download EastLake Church Network DNA Document

Download How to Start a Regional Group Document