Our EastLake Students High School group in Chula Vista has unrolled an amazing new series of events highlighted by the once a month big group gatherings. These meetings are designed for the students to feel like they belong and provide a place for them to encounter Jesus together. The first two big group gatherings for January and February were “off-the-hook” (which means really cool). January’s event was a GLO party which involved a ton of black lights and neon clothing, included awesome worship and a message asking students to identify what they want to illuminate with their lives. February’s event was a 90’s Hip Hop party and featured a DJ, a crazy mash-up of songs and a great talk teaching students to identify struggles in their life where only Jesus can step in and help them. These big group meetings happen once a month and will continue on March 11 with Onesie Night (which is apparently a thing these days). All 9th-12th graders are welcome and it all goes down in the west auditorium from 6-7pm. More info can be found at eastlakestudents.com