Willing to Hear

Read: “Ask me and I will tell you remarkable secrets you do not know about things to come.” Jeremiah 33:3 (NLT)

Reflect: In 2004 our family lived where my husband and I had both been born. I planned to live there forever, in the house we were renovating, within easy driving distance of family and childhood friends.

All of that changed when my husband abruptly lost his job. Right away he heard God’s invitation to relocate. I didn’t want to hear that, so my husband pursued every local lead and door after door closed. He kept repeating that God was inviting us to move south, and while this idea wasn’t new, (there’d been two opportunities in California in the preceding 5 years that we’d turned down); I was not hearing the same thing. In my arrogance, I assumed that if I wasn’t hearing it too, then my husband was obviously hearing incorrectly. After 3 months of dead ends, I cried and prayed—telling God that this didn’t make sense, that if he wanted us to relocate he would surely tell me too. I heard his gentle, quiet response in my spirit, “you aren’t going to hear what you’re absolutely unwilling to hear.”

God wasn’t forcing us; he was inviting us and was waiting for me to open my ears so I could respond to that invitation. Things proceeded quickly and a couple weeks later, as we put the finishing touches on our renovated house, my husband received a phone call with a formal job offer in California.

That yes to God was not an easy one. I saw a heap of obstacles that made it feel beyond our abilities, but we embraced it because we knew that God would continue to be with us, giving us strength and wisdom as we said yes to him.

React: Are you hearing God’s invitation for you? Spend some time this week listening to God. Trust him to give you strength as you embrace the uncertainty of saying yes.

Pray: Thank you for your patience and persistence, Lord. Help us to hear your invitations.