We Need Friends in our NEXT!

Read: “Walk with the wise and become wise….” Proverbs 13:20(a) (NIV)

Reflect: When my husband was given a huge and somewhat unexpected promotion at work, it was an amazing turn in his career. We knew we were entering a thrilling, scary and much-prayed for chapter of our lives. Pastor Mike and Carmen were some of the first people who showed up on our doorstep after we heard the news. They were bringing us dinner as a thank you for a project we had helped them with. We will never forget as they sat with us and listened to our excitement and nervousness as we stepped into the unknown that was our NEXT.

Not only did they pray for this our new adventure that evening, they have continued to support us in this endeavor; coming to games, checking in with us, celebrating wins and encouraging us in hard times. They leaned on their own wisdom and experience of life’s ups and downs to walk beside us.

What an example for us to follow on how to embrace the NEXT in our lives, whatever it may be, and what an example for us to follow in how to walk beside others who are facing an unknown NEXT. Faithful friends who hear your story, point you to Jesus and stay invested in your lives; can there be a better model to emulate?

I know our story is one of thousands that exemplify Mike and Carmen’s love, friendship and perspective. As they embark on their own NEXT, I pray they find adventure, peace, love and fulfillment and that we can all support and love them like they have supported and loved us.

React: Are you on the brink of a big NEXT chapter? Do you have friends beside you to encourage you and support you in it? Do you know anyone venturing into a new NEXT? How can you love them and walk with them through it?

Pray: God, thank you that you are at work in all of us, doing a new thing. Help us be your hands and feet to those around us, loving them and pointing them to you.