This is Our Time

Read: “Lord, you establish peace for us; all that we have accomplished you have done for us.” Isaiah 26:12

Reflect: Going through this series has cause both my husband and I to really think about what our Cannonball story is. I didn’t think we really had one until I started thinking about what actually brought us to EastLake Church for the first time. We attended our first service about 9 years ago and at that time I couldn’t stand my husband. We were constantly fighting, we had a very small baby at home and things were pretty much out of control. I tolerated him and he did the same for me. At some point I remember thinking, “This will not last long. We need to figure something out.” It was a simple invitation from friends that led us through the door of EastLake Church. My husband at the time was not a Christ follower and even he knew this was the right place for us.

What followed after that can only be described as a miracle. Through God’s ongoing tenderness and grace, my husband I began to heal our marriage. We joined a growth group, became members, were baptized and began tithing. We were all in! It has not always been easy or fluid but the relationships that we have been blessed with and the community that support us is something I could not have imagined back in the days of our severe struggles. To this day I think about those two people who cared enough about us to extend a simple invitation.

React: It’s easy to say we’re all in, but doing it is something completely different. Often times things that stretch us the most, bless in the most incredible ways.

Pray: God, stretch me, teach me and continue to let me know that you will always be there for me, no matter how many times I falter. Show me the ways in which I can be a blessing through my generosity.