Talking Story

Read: “And love means living the way God commanded us to live. As you have heard from the beginning, his command is this: Live a life of love.” 2 John 1:6 (NCV)

Reflect: In Hawaii, there’s a term for slowing down to listen to another person’s experience, it’s called “talking story.” In this people-centric, laid-back culture, a high value is placed on making time for this important activity–which often clashes with my hard driving, prove-yourself, go-fight-win mindset.

As I’ve learned to slow down and put this concept into practice, I’ve had some of the most profound experiences of my life. One of these happened recently, when three friends joined me in taking a meal to the women at the BSCC safe house. This home provides safe shelter and support to victims of human trafficking.

As soon as we pulled up to the house, we were treated like honored guests. Women of every color and culture came pouring out the door to offer us a warm welcome and to carry our platters of food into the house. In spite of some language barriers, the conversation never lagged, as we did our best with introductions, filled our plates, and found seats on couches, chairs and ottomans.

While we ate together, we asked the women to share a little bit about where they came from and their hopes and dreams for the future. We were all moved to tears as we discovered our common ground and encouraged each other to keep pressing forward toward our goals. No one wanted the night to end, but eventually it did. Something special was started that night and I look forward to continuing to build on these fresh friendships.

React: Take out your calendar and schedule a time to share a meal with someone you know. Show your love by asking questions and listening.

Pray: Father God, thank you for loving me so well and allowing me the opportunity to share that love with others.