Smooth Talker

Read: “So it is when I declare something. My word will go out and not return to Me empty, but it will do what I wanted; it will accomplish what I determined.” Isaiah 55:11 (Voice)

Reflect: When I was just beginning my walk with Christ I took the time to read Rick Warren’s book A Purpose Driven Life. I must admit, it was slow going at first as I wasn’t convinced the messages that it spoke were meant for me. When I was done with the book I had more questions than answers: Did I really have a purpose while I was here? Could God use me to serve his purposes and further his Kingdom?

Over the years in my walk, I’ve transitioned from wondering if I was one worthy to be blessed with gifts to serve God’s purposes to one that has found her way and her gifts. The messages I had read in Warren’s book were meant for me — and for you. Along my journey God has placed great friends and a loving church family that have guided me and helped me see that I possess the gift of speech and a powerful written word.

I was nurtured by my church family and was provided opportunities to discover and develop my natural abilities and talent to communicate both orally and in writing. In my daily life I’ve learned that being quicker to listen and slower to speak has provided me with amazing experiences to share God’s word. This in turn has allowed me to bring God’s gift of light, love, hope, encouragement, peace, forgiveness, mercy and grace to others. He gave me the gift of gab, and I use it humbly.

React: This week will you seek to be an encourager with your words?

Pray: Lord, help us be sensitive in our interactions with others. Help us be brave, to step out in faith and share loving, encouraging words with our brothers and sisters.