Children of God

Read: “Let the little children come to me. Don’t keep them away. God’s kingdom belongs to people like them.” Mark 10:14 (NIRV)

Reflect:  Nervous and excited, we rang the bell at the front door and waited to be buzzed in. Lucia, a gentle woman with a small frame, came to take us downstairs to set up. She explained that we were at the emergency shelter section of the San Diego Rescue Mission. The mothers of the children kept them occupied until 6 pm when the shelter opened. They were then signed in for the night (if there was room), given food, a meal and a place to sleep.

We entered a large room filled wall to wall with mattresses. We rearranged them to set up an area where we could teach the children about how much God loved them. I hooked my laptop up to the television and streamed the curriculum from our children’s ministry program.

We went upstairs to invite the children to join us. As we approached, I wondered what these little ones had been through and what they were now facing. As I looked into their eyes my heart ached and filled with joy at the same time. I ached for their circumstance that they did not create and was filled with joy that Jesus can use us in this moment to teach his beautiful children that regardless of their circumstance they are deeply loved children of God.

Over the years the area where we teach has been beautifully renovated. The staff has changed, and we have met hundreds of children. God continues to use a laptop, an HDMI cord and women with the heart for his children to plant a seed that we pray will flourish.

React: Has God given you a gift that you aren’t currently using? What’s stopping you?

Pray: Lord, thank you for the gift you have given me. Please help me to step out in faith and use my gifting to further your kingdom.